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Dec 19, 2012 6:00am PST
-lifted to oregon. the chp doesn't know when this road will reopen. shelters are being offered to people who are stuck behind the closure. black ice and bad weather are being blamed for the accident >>> abc news has learned president obama is planning on addressing the school tragedy in newton, connecticut. he will hold a briefing at the white house at 8:45, our time, we -- he will announce vice president biden will spearhead an interagency process to form new policies to respond to the school tragedy. abc news plans on carrying a special report when that happens. stay with the abc7 morning news coming up, we'll go live to newtown for more on today's announcement from the president. plus the ongoing remembrances taking place for the victims. >>> needy bay area families are lining up in the frigid cold to get help for the holidays. amy hollyfield is live at glide memorial church in san francisco. >> reporter: check out the crowd behind me this is ellis street they had to shutdown to accommodate all the people lining up. they've created a maze with bar kays to handle owl of the people -- with
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am PST
. arraignment set for 9 a.m.. >>> death toll has reached nine in a tour bus crash in oregon it happened yesterday in frigid conditions on i-84 near pendleton northwest oregon. police say the driver of the charter bus lost control on the slick pavement. the bus skidded through a guardrail and tumbled several hundred feet. 40 passengers were traveling from las vegas to vancouver, in addition to the nine passengers who died, more than 20, including the driver, were injured. they are being treated at hospitals in oregon, washington and idaho. >>> the highest minimum wage in the country is about to get higher. the pay increase coming to some san francisco workers in less than 24 hours. >>> bag charges are coming to a store near you. we'll tell you where the new fees will hit in the new year. >>> last trading day of 2012 is underway on wall street. live look at the big board, dow is calm, nearly up four points before the 11th hour fiscal cliff >>> 52 in san francisco, san rafael, half moon bay and richmond san jose 55, oakland 54, concord 53. traveling today, no worries until youpc get near c
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
-- to oregon we are expected to learn the identity of the man who opened fire inside a shopping mall, three, including the gunman are dead, it happened yesterday afternoon at the clackamas town center mall in portland. >> reporter: it began shortly before 3:30 p.m., chaos inside a portland mall crowded with holiday shoppers and kids waiting to see santa >> we heard a big bang. covered our ears and got down. all of a sudden, five seconds later we heard rapid fire. >> reporter: the shots were heard throughout the shopping center. >> i hear a gunshot, i was with my grandma and people were yelling and screaming and judgmenting. i saw the killer and he a -- white mask on. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman appeared to be wearing body armor and mask, carrying an assault rifle which he fired in rapid bursts. >> when i heard 18 more i determined it was a semi-automatic. >> reporter: some inside the mall called portland affiliate katu. >> we are currently locked in a store with 10 people s.w.a.t. teams are trying to appehend the suspect. >> reporter: new video shows what it was like in the mall a
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
's right the storm is art of the same system blamed for 12 deaths. >>> oregon pit bull is safe after a late into the rescue. chico wandered off his owner's  portland this week nowhere to be found until yesterday when his owner heard him barking and phone him down firefighters responded and had to repel down to him they handed him treats and loaded him on to a nearby boat and took him) scared he's said to be okay. >>> majority of americans approve of president obama's job performance. new cnn poll finds 52% of americans approve of the president's job performance. 43% disapprove. the poll asked how the country feels about the first lady? she enjoys a 73% approval rating, 20% disapprove. outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton also popular, 66% job performance rating, 30% disapprove. >>> russian president vladimir putin just announced he will sign a bill banning americans from adopting russian ssji9ñ in a televised address, putin said he doesn't see any reason not to sign it. putin says united states authorities deny russia access come to america. unicef estimates there are 740,000 chil
Dec 15, 2012 6:00am PST
in the last few years. an elementary school in newtown, shopping mall in oregon, house of worship in wisconsin, a movie theater in colorado, countless street corners in places like chicago and philadelphia. any of these neighborhoods could be our own. we have to come together and we are going to have to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this from happening. >>> the president asked each american to extend a hand to families in their own communities who have lost loved ones to violence. as developments continue to unfold in connecticut you can receive urgent updates by downloading the free abc 7 news smart phone app. you should opt for the push notifications. we have updates on twitter as well. please follow on news bay area and the web team is sending out updates as well. you can sign up for the breaking news letter at >>> up next, new calls for gun control as people struggle with the tragedy in connecticut others are think being how to prevent it from happening again. the scene in connecticut is all too familiar in columbine, colorado. residents there are reac
Dec 1, 2012 6:00am PST
and with transparency. >>> an oregon man is recovering from a shark attack in hawaii." while authorities are trying to decide whether to reopen about two miles of beach. he was snorkeling on maui when the shark attacked him about 200 yards offshore. thomas kennedy suffered cuts on his leg and thigh and was rescued by hive -- lifeguards. he told state biologists the shark's head was about two feet wide. >> he estimated the sides of the head, color rags and the shape, and i'm certainly not an expert, but perhaps it was a tiger shark. >> the attack occurred near the central resort on the south side of maui. >> here's photos from the storms coming through. this is a tree that fell on a house. that's unfortunate. this is a beautiful picture of a rainbow over the golden gate bridge. e-mail your weather photos to us at ureport atkins certainly there would be endless images out there of all the different things the storm has done to people and their property and the roads. >> yeah. we see the tree branches down and rises on the rivers, but it's the next system that really could bring in the pot
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6